This site is dedicated to the memory of Thierry Vernet and Floristella Stephani, and has been produced by their relatives and friends. These two exceptional artists covered a broad range of creative expression:

Painting: both were convinced they had been “born to paint”, which led them to explore various techniques: engraving, watercolour, oil, sketching and stage and puppet design.

Vision: Floristella Stephani and Thierry Vernet both attached great importance to clarity of vision; it had to be unencumbered and direct and this immediacy was to be conveyed to the viewer.

Living: they felt compelled to create, build the foundations for their major works and experiment with new forms of expression. Their daily encounter with obstacles and challenges enriched their work.

Exile: they saw travel as a search for themselves and a creative opportunity. Both came from old Geneva families; they settled in Paris in 1958. What caused them to move? Why is place so instrumental to artistic creation?